Medicine Policy


I am happy to give your child non-prescribed medication, if you have signed a permission form for me to do so.  It is vital that you inform me of any medicines given to the child before they arrive in my care. I need to know what they’ve had, the dose and the time. Even though you will have signed a form I will phone you before I administer any medication. That protects the child, you and myself.
If the child has any self held medication I will ask for an additional one to be kept at my home, in case they forget to bring it or take it home. If the child has any allergies and has an epipen please discuss this with me. I may need additional training to use it.
If your child has medicine prescribed by the doctor you will need to fill in an additional form. If it is antibiotics the child may be asked not to attend for 2-3 days in case they react and to stop the spread of infection.
All medicines must be in original containers. I will record all medicine given in my book and request a parental signature at the end of each day.
If you have any concerns regarding this policy please discuss them with me.